Austin Waechter

Austin lives in Cali with his wife Abigail Nobiencky || @abbinobi ||

Austin’s brother Will Waechter || @willwaechter ||, who we interview in episode 09, lives in Kauai. They are the second set of brothers to get the TAT and be interviewed on the podcast. Spencer || @spencerkerce || and Grant Kerce || @grant_kerce || of episodes 04 & 05 were the first. But as you will quickly tell, this set of brothers does not let us down.

The wait was well worth it to be able to sit down in person with Austin and hear his thoughts on everything. From growing up in private school, hanging out in dark caves, learning about Hell, and what it’s like to have the entrepreneurial gene. The probability that you will walk away from Episode 08 with some clarity on these subject matters is still unclear, but what's crystal clear is that Austin is an exceptional human being who is super kind and incredibly thoughtful. Our conversation was both profound and calming. I hope that you enjoy listening to Austin as much as I enjoyed talking with him.

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