Evan Corley

TATS is officially in the double digits! In episode 10 you get to meet Evan Corley. This conversation was wonderful for so many reasons. We start out with a very honest conversation about world views outside of the ones we normally discuss on this show. An intellectual seeker and self aware man who isn’t afraid to be transparent, episode 10 brings you Evan Corley.

The XV🔹XIII Network has an entire show dedicated to mental health called Thought Life and I recommend you check it out if you want a great resource to help you through life. Having said that, in this episode we talk about depression, mental health, counseling, anxiety, suicide and many other sensitive topics that touch most people in some way, shape or form. Evan navigates these topics in one of the most flawless articular ways I have ever heard because he is sharing from a very real and personal place.

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