Bryan Saylor

Meet Bryan Saylor, the godfather of podcasting. Ethan and Bryan used to have a little podcast together called *RealTalk The Pod*. That fun fact happens to be the reason there is even a 15 13 Network || @xvxiiinetwork || in front of you today. Listen in and get to know the man who helped get all this whole thing started.
|| @bryansaylor ||

Bryan does a great job describing what the motive is behind being a good friend; and teaches us the true heart of "no greater love". He also explains why he chose to make this particular tattoo his first tattoo. Another new addition to this episode is a segment Ethan is trying out for the first time titled "Digital Footprints" where he pulls up embarrassing old photos onto the 15 13 Studio's TV in an attempt to stroll down memory lane. 

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