Marcus Allen

Have you ever struggled with pursuing your dream? Sometimes you need a nudge from a friend, a pep talk from a parent, or perhaps an NFL Hall of Famer to light a fire under your butt! Marcus Allen does just that in this first episode of Write it Down! We often need to be reminded that we are set apart and have a purpose in life. This episode is full of life nuggets and compelling stories that will inspire anyone to keep working towards their goals!

Marcus Allen is a Heisman Trophy Winner, 6 time NFL Pro Bowler, Super Bowl MVP, and NFL Hall of Famer. Marcus was a first round draft pick in 1982 for the Oakland Raiders which meant his parents did not have to travel far from Southern California to catch his games. Marcus grew up in a strong family who implemented morals, character, and ambition. While Marcus Allen is one of the most decorated professional football players, he is also one of the most genuine people you could ever meet.

Marcus inspires people to chase their dreams, surround themselves with people who do the same, and help others along the way.

I am excited Marcus is my first guest. When I mentioned to him, my dreams of having my own talk show, he was the first to jump on board and tell me to "get after it". We all need a Marcus Allen in our lives to remind us to hustle for our dreams much like he did. I am excited to share his story, and I am humbled by his friendship.

Pull up a chair and get your pens ready... because this is Write It Down!

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