Debbie Thomas

We were honored to host Vice Mayor, Debbie Thomas for our podcast this month. Debbie Thomas was elected to office on November 4, 2014 and re-elected in November 2018 by the city at large to serve on the Melbourne City Council as the representative of District 4. Vice Mayor Thomas also sits on the Orlando-Melbourne International Airport Authority Board as well as staying heavily involved in the community.

We chose Vice Mayor Thomas for our first City Council interview because of her recent successful re-election campaign and her vicarious support of Downtown Melbourne which falls outside her elected District 4. We anticipated she would place emphasis on all Council being elected to serve the City at large regardless of District and she definitely did not disappoint us with her enthusiasm for all things Melbourne. You will enjoy hearing Debbie’s background and pro-business approach to all the exciting developments in both Downtown Melbourne and throughout our City from a Council person’s perspective. Tune in and enjoy!

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